Alaska CoastWalk Marine Debris Removal and Prevention Project – 2009

Expand community-based marine debris clean-up and prevention efforts in Kachemak Bay, Alaska and throughout Alaskan coastal communities.

Project Abstract

This project was conducted by the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies (CACS) with the purpose of preventing and removing marine debris from areas around Kachemak Bay in Alaska and coordinating statewide efforts to combat marine debris.  Specifically, the project:

  1. Increased and sustained annual volunteer and student clean-ups of local beaches and streams in Alaskan communities
  2. Targeted outreach and education efforts to the prevention of marine debris from users of beaches, stream corridors, and fishing areas near Alaskan communities
  3. Improved statewide communication and documentation about areas of marine debris accumulation, marine debris clean-up efforts, and types and sources of marine debris
  4. Supported the development of a statewide marine debris coordinating body, the Alaska Marine Debris Alliance, and provided statewide coordination of existing education and outreach resources about prevention
  5. Raised awareness among Alaskans and those who use Alaskan waters about the magnitude and global nature of the marine debris issue and the importance of habitat restoration
  6. Using challenge grant incentives, CACS funded groups throughout Alaska to expand their outreach and removal potential to new communities.

The project awarded a total of 11 Challenge Grants to small communities throughout the State of Alaska, which were matched by local funds and in-kind contributions and removed over 13,200 lbs of debris.  The 2010 Alaska CoastWalk program funded by this grant cleaned 94.25 miles of shoreline and riverine habitat of over 3200 lbs of debris leveraging 1733 volunteer hours.

NOAA Marine Debris Program Project

10/1/2009 to 6/30/2011

Status: Closed

Location: Alaska, Alaska

Latitude/Longitude: 59.637792, -151.488307