Fishermen-led Dungeness Crab Gear Recovery in California – 2015

Fishermen-led removal of lost Dungeness crab pots in Northern and Central California

Project Abstract

The California Lost Fishing Gear Recovery Project will remove more than 750 lost and abandoned crab pots from Northern and Central California, restoring more than 8,000 square feet of seafloor habitat. The crab pot removal efforts will be led by commercial fisherman, who will realize financial gains through gear buy-back programs coordinated by the Humboldt Fisherman’s Marketing Association (Eureka, CA) and the Crab Boat Owners Association (San Francisco, CA). At least 100 members of the associations will participate in this effort through voluntarily purchasing retrieved gear at a cost lower than market rate for replacement pots. This project supports the longer term goal of identifying a permanent source of funding from within the fishery to support a self-sustaining lost gear retrieval program.

NOAA Marine Debris Program Project

8/1/2015 to 8/31/2016

Status: Open

Location: [California], [California]

Latitude/Longitude: 39.130925, -123.503628