Marianas Islands (CNMI) Vessel Inspection – 2006

Vessel inspection training and education to prevent the occurrence of derelict vessels and the marine debris they cause.


Project Abstract

This project, led by the NOAA Office of Response and Restoration in partnership with the CNMI Coastal Resources Management Office and Department of Public Safety (DPS), provided training in vessel inspection for CNMI boating safety officers to help identify potential problem vessels before they sink or break apart and become a source of marine debris. A comprehensive 5-day training workshop and training was on vessel inspection specific to the Central Northern Marianas Islands was held in July 2006.  This workshop included guidance on identification of potential problems that can result in vessel loss, and introduction of marine debris.  Combined with this effort, the project worked with local groups to mount outreach campaign on abandoned and derelict vessels to inform the public and CNMI policy makers about the costs and adverse impacts these vessels pose to the environment.

NOAA Marine Debris Program Project

7/10/2006 to 7/15/2006

Status: Closed

Location: Pacific Islands, [Northern Marianas Islands]

Latitude/Longitude: 19.238154, 145.468459