Oregon Derelict Crab Trap Recovery – 2007

Removal of derelict crab pots from two target areas offshore of the Oregon coast by fishermen using grappling techniques.

Project Abstract

Project worked to extend previous Oregon Cable Commission project funded in 2006 to target areas where high densities of derelict crab pots had been notes.  The operational goal was to remove pots in those areas using grapples deployed from fishing vessels as well as surface removal and measure re-accumulation.  Outreach was conducted by integrating media presence on initial cruises, as well as vessel rendezvous with USCG and cable maintenance craft.  This served to raise awareness of the problem of derelict gear, while also highlighting the cooperative efforts of resource managers and fishermen to solve the issue.  The project removed a total of 57 pots, 300 ft of cable, 8580 feet of line and a 300 lb gillnet during 6 operational days in the two areas, and a Oregon Public Broadcasting program aired on the project.

NOAA Marine Debris Program Project

9/1/2007 to 4/30/2009

Status: Closed

Location: Pacific Northwest, [Oregon]

Latitude/Longitude: 45.834213, -124.141336